Honeycomb grid

A honeycomb grid is a lighting attachment designed to narrow the light from a flash or continuous lighting source into a tight beam. It gets its name from the hexagonal shape of the holes in the grid. Where other lighting attachments are designed to spread and soften the light, a honeycomb grid is design to focus it tightly on a single area. It’s a type of light modifier.


A softbox fits around the head of a flash to provide a larger and more diffuse rectangular light source. It’s very popular amongst professional photographers for product shots, where it produces even lighting and nice reflections off glossy surfaces, and for portrait photographers who want to achieve a softer, more flattering effect. Continue reading “Softbox”

Sync terminal or socket

A cable connector for socket external flash units that’s still found on higher-end cameras like pro DSLRs but is becoming less and less common as photographers switch to wireless flash systems. These are usually triggered by a ‘master’ unit attached to the camera.

Speedlight or Speedlite

The names used by Nikon and Canon respectively for their camera flash units, both built-in pop-up flash and external flashguns. There’s nothing intrinsically different about these compared to regular flashguns – it’s just a different choice of name.