Lomography Neptune Convertible Art Lens system

As well as making wide range of retro-themed film cameras and lenses, Lomography also makes ‘retro’ lenses for modern DSLR and mirrorless cameras, and its new Neptune Art Lens system goes a step further by introducing an new three-lens system sharing a common base mount. It won’t be available until 2018 but you can pre-order now, and it will come in Canon-fit, Nikon-fit and Pentax-fit versions, though adaptors for other camera types will be available.

The Neptune Convertible Art Lens system consists of a base unit which attaches directly to the camera’s lens mount, and three interchangeable front lens elements. These include a ‘Thalassa’ 35mm f/3.5 lens ideal for street photography, a ‘Despina’ 50mm f/2.8 general purpose lens and a ‘Proteus’ 80mm f/4 lens for shallow depth of field portraiture.

Also included is a macro adaptor for extra-close focusing and a series of six custom aperture plates for producing artistic bokeh effects.

The Neptune Convertible Art Lens system is manual focus only and designed for a slower, more creative approach. It won’t be cheap, alas, costing £839/$990.



Laowa Magic Shift Converter (MSC) announced

Laowa Magic Shift Converter (MSC)

Chinese company Venus Optics has announced a lens adaptor which will allow its Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D ultra-wideangle lens to act as a 17mm f/4 shift lens on full frame Sony E-mount cameras.

It fits between the lens and the camera body and has an optical design which increases the image circle of the lens to allow for the lens to be shifted up or down or from side to side relative to the camera.

This shift movement is used in architectural photography to correct converging verticals. Normally, you have to tilt the camera upwards to get tall buildings into the frame and this is what causes converging verticals. With a shift movement, however, you can keep the camera level and still get tall buildings in.

The Laowa Magic Shift Converter (MSC) for Sony FE mount cameras is the first version, with a Canon fit version available for pre-order and a Nikon-fit version should be available a couple of months later.

The Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D lens is a specialised and expensive ultra-wide lens for DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. The Magic Shift Converter turns it into a shift lens, albeit with an increase in focal length to 17mm. It’s an interesting alternative to a regular (and expensive) perspective control (tilt shift) lens.

Rokinon SP 14mm F2.4 now available in Nikon AE mount

Rokinon SP14mm F2.4

Rokinon is the US name for the Samyang brand, and it specialises in fixed focal length manual focus lenses for interchangeable lens DSLRs. It’s announced that it’s now making its Rokinon SP14mm F2.4 full frame in Nikon AE mount – the company says Nikon’s exposure control modes are enabled and EXIF info is registered.

The SP14 is already available in the Canon EF mount and has a sophisticated optical design consisting of 18 elements in 14 groups, with three high refractive index, two Aspherical, two Extra Low Dispersion and one Hybrid Aspherical lens element.

It’s constructed of high quality aluminum alloy with an ergonomically designed shape and grip. Rokinon says the lens “can actually capture more detail than your eyes can see, even beyond the capabilities of the latest high resolution pro cameras”.

Lenses of this type are popular amongst expert photographers willing to swap the convenience of autofocus zoom lenses for the optical quality and direct manual focus of a prime lens.