Honey Badger (Interfit)

The Interfit Honey Badger is a compact, low-cost flash head with a 320W output and a 7-stop power range adjustable in 1-stop increments. It can be used on its own, with other Honey Badger flash units or as part of a larger Interfit flash setup. It’s compatible with Interfit’s wireless flash control system.

The Honey Badger comes with a translucent dome cover which protects the flash head and also distributes the light more evenly. You could use it in this form without modifiers, but it’s more likely you’d use the Bowens S-type fitting for regular flash modifiers. It’s supplied with a 24-inch softbox as standard, but you can also slide in a brolly.

The recycle time is 1 second at full power, less at lower power settings, and you can switch the recycle beep alter on or off. The flash duration at full power is 1/900sec. The unit itself weighs just 3lb, it’s around 6 inches across and it’s designed to be robust enough for outdoor use as well as indoor.

It also has a 60W LED modelling lamp, equivalent to 300W of tungsten, and this can also be used as a video light. It can be run either at full power or in proportion to the current flash power setting.

It’s a studio/location flash for enthusiast professional use that’s bulkier than the kind of speedlights you clip on the camera’s hotshoe, but offers much more power, faster flash recycling times and much more control over the ‘shape’ of the light via add on lighting modifiers.

For this kind of flash, the power output is measure in watt-seconds rather than guide numbers, often quoted simply as watts, as here.

The Honey Badger costs $300, or £700 as a two-light kit complete with stands, softboxes, a remote and a carry case. You can find out more at https://interfitphotographic.com/home-copy/honey-badger/