Marumi Exus Solid lens protection filters available from Kenro

The Marumi Exus Solid filter doesn’t offer any optical corrections or image effects, it’s there simply to protect the front element of your lens from accidental damage.

It’s made of hardened glass up to seven times stronger than conventional filters and fitted in a satin-finish black frame slim enough to minimise any risk of vignetting.

The glass is water and oil-repellent and has an anti-static coating, and the maker claims the dust and fingerprints can be removed simply with a soft cloth. It also has a low reflection rate of just 0.2% so should have no significant impact on light transmission.

Made in Japan and distributed in the UK by Kenro, the Marumi Exus Solid filter is available in 13 sizes from 37-82mm, with a further three sizes arriving shortly.

Prices start from £53.94 SRP including VAT, but will vary according to the size you need. Check the filter ring size on your lens before you buy.