An online photo sharing/portfolio website designed for photographers to display their work, create online portfolios and sell images.

Google Photos

A free photo storage and sharing tool that’s part of your Google account. You can store, sort and search all your photos online and they’re automatically available in your smart devices too, via a Google Photos app. It’s not designed for professional use, but it does use machine learning, or artificial intelligence, to identify your photos automatically, saving lots of manual keywording and tagging.

Google Drive

Online cloud storage system offered by Google as part of its Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs system and more. You get a small amount of Google Drive storage with your free account, but you will need to pay a subscription for more storage space. It’s an alternative to Dropbox.


Photo sharing website where you can publish pictures from your own portfolio and get comments from other people, as well as commenting on other photographer’s photos. It’s free to join and you can upload up to 1TB of images.


An online storage system for your files and photos. You copy photos to a Dropbox folder on your computer and they are synchronised with the online Dropbox servers so that you can access them from anywhere. You can get a free account with a small amount of storage, but it’s essentially a subscription-based service.

Cloud storage

Where you store or share images online as well as or instead of storing them on your computer. Cloud storage offers the advantage that your images are accessible everwhere as long as you have an Internet connection, though displaying and dowloading images is of course slower than opening them on a hard drive, and uploading images in the first place is slower still. Examples include Apple iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.