Tonality (MacPhun)

Tonality is a software tool for creating a wide variety of black and white image effects but also includes some colour processes too. It comes with a wide range of preset effects, each of which can be adjusted using manual controls. You can also create and save effects of your own.

Noiseless (MacPhun)

Noiseless is a Mac-only noise reduction tool which works both as a standalone app and a plug in. It smooths out noise in high ISO images via a range of presets designed to tackle different kinds of noise. You can adjust the strength of the noise reduction and set the controls manually if you wish.


Comparatively new image-editing software that offers instant effects presets made with a range of different filters and tools which you can combine and adjust manually. It offers easily-customised ‘workspaces’ which contain only the tools you need and which makes the interface as straightforward as possible.

Intensify (MacPhun)

Mac-only application which increases global and localised contrast effects to give images extra drama and ‘punch’. It works either as a standalone application or as a plug-in, and as usual with MacPhun software you can use one of many different presets or use your own manual settings.

FX Photo Studio (MacPhun)

An inexpensive plug-in which forms part of MacPhun’s Creative Kit suite. It offers a variety of single-click photographic effects organised into categories. There are few controls, so although it can create some striking ‘looks’ very quickly, it’s not as sophisticated as regular effects plug-ins.

Focus (MacPhun)

Focus is a Mac-only software tool for creating shallow depth of field, tilt-shift (miniature) or ‘bokeh’ effects by progressively blurring the image away from a central sharp area. Digital defocus techniques can look convincing, but it does depend on the subject. See also: Boost your bokeh with MacPhun Focus 2 Pro

Creative Kit (MacPhun)

A suite of plug-ins sold by software publisher MacPhun and including Intensify, Tonality, Snapheal, FX Photo Studio, Focus and Noiseless. It’s a Mac-only suite and still on sale, though MacPhun appears to have transferred its attention to its new image-editing software Luminar.

Aurora HDR (MacPhun)

Mac-only HDR software developed in conjunction with HDR specialist Trey Ratcliff. It can work with single images or merge a series of bracketed exposures. You can apply one of many different preset effects or create your own with the manual controls.

Accent – AI Filter (MacPhun)

An auto-enhancement filter added to version 1.2 of MacPhun’s Luminar image-editing software. It uses artificial intelligents to break a picture down into a series of different areas and optimise the colour contrast and detail rendition in each. It’s an instant-fix filter with no controls except an Amount slider.