Sharpener Pro

Software plug-in for sharpening images and part of the Google Nik Collection. It comes in two parts – Sharpener Pro Raw Presharpening for enhancing images straight from the camera, and Sharpener Pro Output Sharpening for preparing images for printing on different devices.

Old Photo (Color Efex Pro)

A filter in Color Efex Pro which offers a varity of vintage photo effects, from sepia-tinted black and white to faded colour. In some ways it’s been superseded by newer and more elaborate ‘analog’ film effects, but it still produces a range of attractive vintage photo effects.

Nik Collection

An important collection of plug-ins once published by Nik Software but then taken over by Google when it bought the company. Google has since made the Nik Collection free but has announced it will no longer be developing it, leaving its future in doubt.

Midnight filter

A filter in Color Efex Pro that takes a regular daytime shot and simulates the look of moonlight using a combination of darkening, colour shifts, desaturation and glow effects.

HDR Efex Pro

Software plug-in for creating HDR (high dynamic range) effects from single images or bracketing sets of exposures. It’s part of the Google Nik Collection. You can apply preset HDR styles with a single click or adjust and make your own effects using extensive manual controls.


Software plug in for reducing noise in images and part of the Google Nik Collection. Like many other noise reduction programs, Dfine analyses the image and calculates a noise reduction profile. It’s also possible to define the areas used for analysis manually.

Control Point

A special selection and adjustment tool used by the Google Nik Collection plug-ins, Control points operate over an adjustable circular radius and select only tones similar to the area under the central target. You can use them to adjust Brightness, Contrast, Structure, Saturation and more.

Color Efex Pro

A software plug in that’s part of the Google Nik collection. Color Efex Pro offers a huge variety of preset image effects you can browse through and apply to your photos with a single click, but you can also adjust the filters manually and even stack them to create custom ‘recipes’. Color Efex Pro also offers localised adjustments via ‘control points’. See also: Google Nik Collection review

Camera Kit

A mode in Analog Efex Pro, part of the Google Nik Collection, where you can manually choose the filters you want to combine to create your own custom ‘camera’ look – hence ‘Camera Kit’.

Analog Efex Pro (Nik Collection)

Analog Efex Pro is part of the Google Nik Collection. It’s a plug in which offers a selection of ‘analog’ film styles which mimic a variety of film types, darkroom processes and ageing effects. It’s also possible to choose these effects manually and build your own preset styles.