Affinity Photo (Serif)

For a long time Adobe Photoshop has been the only real professional level image-editing program, but software company Serif has launched a Mac-only professional photo editing software which competes directly with Photoshop at a much lower price – and for a single payment rather than the software subscription system introduced by Adobe. Affinity Photo has been built from the ground up for speed and performance and compatibility with the Photoshop PSD file format, and Serif has now announced it’s working on a Windows PC version. See also: Serif Affinity Photo 1.5 review

Adobe Camera Raw

Software that works alongside Adobe Photoshop to open and process RAW files before they open in Photoshop itself. Adobe Camera Raw’s tools are also built into Adobe Lightroom. Most people use Adobe Camera Raw to process their RAW files simply because they’re using Photoshop or Lightroom, but other RAW converters are available.