Vanguard VEO 2

Vanguard has launched its second-generation VEO 2 travel tripod. Travel tripods are designed to fold down as small as possible and be light and convenient to carry, while still offering good camera support and versatility.

The new VEO 2 weighs less than the original VEO and uses new carbon fibre technology. There are 12 different configurations offering aluminium or carbon fibre legs, 4 or 5 leg sections, 3 colour choices (black, red or blue) and ball or pan heads. All are offered as kits, so you don’t have to get the head separately.

VEO tripods use a patented centre column rotation action for a compact ‘silhouette’ when folded and speedy setup. The VEO 2 has quarter-turn twist locks on the legs, a free low-angle centre column adaptor, three leg angles and angled rubber feet – spikes are available as an optional extra.

The heads take Arca Swiss compatible quick release plates and VEO 2 tripods have a maximum payload of 8kg.

Travel tripods are ideal for vacations or hiking expeditions, where light weight and compactness are important. Typically, they use a different folding arrangement to regular tripods, where the folded legs completely enclose the tripod head rather than leaving it sticking out.